Here’s who Kendall Jenner would want to play her in a movie — but there’ll have to be time travel involved

We’ve all imagined who would play us in the movie version of our life. And apparently stars really are just like us, because Kendall Jenner also fantasizes about who would play the movie version of her. And, not surprisingly. Jenner sets her sights high. So high, in fact, that Jenner wants an classic Hollywood icon (who isn’t even alive anymore) to play her movie self.

Yup, that’s right. If Kendall Jenner had her choice, she’d have Audrey Hepburn play “Movie Kendall.”


Recently, on her website, Kendall talked about why she would have the late, great Audrey play her in a movie.

Kendall said, "I know I'm flattering myself to say that Audrey Hepburn and I look alike, but, if it were possible, I would choose her over anyone else to play me in a movie. She was so chic and talented."

Hey, as long as a girl is dreaming, she might as well dream big, right?

It should be noted that Audrey Hepburn is only one of Jenner’s favorite Hollywood stars of yesteryear. But out of all her faves, Hepburn is the star Jenner feels is her closest match.

She adds, "I love Audrey almost as much as I love Marilyn — who would not be a good fit as my double, haha!"

Indeed, Marilyn made an appearance at Kendall’s 21st birthday this past November. As Vogue reported, the decor for Jenner’s swanky b-day party included “… a large work of art featuring a blown-up Polaroid picture of Marilyn Monroe, signed by Marilyn herself, with a black diamond backdrop by artist Mr. Brainwash.”

As much as Jenner loves Monroe, it’s true that the tall, swan-necked brunette star does bear more of a resemblance to Audrey than Marilyn. All right Kendall, time to fire up the DeLorean and go grab Audrey off the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s so you can make the biopic of your dreams!

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