Kendall Jenner is officially rocking the summer lob

Kendall Jenner snapped herself with a new shorter ‘do and we are hair for it. You ready for the Kendall lob action? false

No, we can’t see all of Kendall’s new look, but she is part of the Kardashian clan, which means girlfriend knows how to grab our attention and keep it. Showing a mysterious Snapchat of a much shorter style? Well she’s definitely nabbed our attention. From what we can see, the cut looks chic, fresh, and totally on trend.

The look is also reminiscent of lobs sported by her sisters. Khloe is rocking one right now:

Kylie does from time to time:

And so does Kim:

So while Kendall usually keeps her tresses longer, maybe some of that family impulse to mix up one’s look is rubbing off on her. (Long hair, exhibit A, below.)


No lies, it kind of makes us want to cut our hair for summer. There’s something mega liberating about trying on a new look (or lob) for the new season.

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