Kendall Jenner wore a silky nightgown and robe out to party on NYE and owned it

Is there any guiltier pleasure than literally keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner crew? If you’re over the baby-drama and the odd family ties (Tyga’s practically his own kid’s uncle at this point…) — we get it. But you can’t deny the constant fashion inspiration, namely Kendall Jenner’s silky NYE look. This group just brings it, time and time again. Yes, the over-the-top headlines just bottom out as tiresome at the end of the day, but gosh darnit if we won’t take the whole family off our Insta feeds. The looks, the clothes, the trends. It’s all just too good. Case in point: the New Year’s Eve look that Kendall Jenner slayed during the last moments of 2016.

Who says you gotta leave your pajamas during the holiday season? When in doubt, wear ’em out!

How can a look be so many things at once? It’s old school, yet so fresh. It’s classy, yet delightfully and deliciously sexy; disheveled yet effortlessly polished. This is what we’re talking about. The Jenners and Kardashians deliver just enough to always keep us coming back for more. In this case, it’s for more details on how we can copy this look for…whatever occasion we can think of. Maybe just lounging in a facemask on a Tuesday night? Or how about a done up evening of a million selfies? What seems like an outfit with limits suddenly feels so limitless.

This blurry, happy selfie proves that Kendall is all of us on New Years.

Two more angles of this vintage-inspired leopard-print goodness:

Hailey, Bella and Kendall; ruling Instagram since 2012.

The model and reality star was styled by Monica Rose, the self-described designer and “mother of two.” Leave it to a self-made working mom to know that a bathrobe and confidence is literally all you need to turn heads.