Kendall Jenner’s new hair is like “The Dress”—everyone is debating what color it is

So, we’re in a bit of a quandary. Kendall Jenner dyed her hair—that’s a definite. It’s just that, well, we’re not sure which color she actually dyed it. No, we haven’t gone color blind. We’re just having a hard time putting a label on this shade, and we’re not the only ones.

Jenner took to Instagram on December 16th to show off her lighter look. Here’s what we’re certain of: Her hair is absolutely lighter than before. She has been sporting dark brown locks since seemingly the beginning of time, so we can say for sure that this new color is lighter than her last.


But that’s basically about all we can give you. Neither Jenner nor her hairstylist Cassondra Kaeding gave us a name for this new shade, thus leaving us completely in the dark about what to call it. Someone literally asked Kaeding in her Instagram comments, “How do I describe this color to my stylist,” and received no response.

So, it looks like all we can do is bring our phone to the salon and point to Jenner saying, “Gimme that.”

In Jenner’s video, her hair looks like it could be a super-dark sandy blonde. But in Kaeding’s video, we’re getting more auburn. Remember that dress that was either blue and black or gold and white? It’s like that all over again.

Thanks for the mild stress, Kendall.

People says it’s copper.

Another person thinks it’s blonde.

Refinery29 says it’s “coffee-colored.” But like, doesn’t that color depend on how you take your coffee?

ElleUK is just assuming it’s a weird shade of red.

We’re at a total loss. But, if we had to name Kendall Jenner‘s new hair color, we’d call it…Kendall Jenner during the 2019 holiday season. Sorry, but we’ve truly got nothing.

Sending love and good luck to all the hairstylists who are asked to replicate this look.

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