Results are in: This year’s most liked #TBT goes to…

Instagram released a bunch of data you may or may not care about. But considering almost every Instagram user has used the hashtag #TBT at one point or another (whether it was ironically or not), this news is worth reporting.

So, drumroll. . .

This year’s most liked #TBT goes to. . . Kendall Jenner (don’t shoot the messenger!)

This may not be surprising, considering so many people can’t seem to get enough of the Jenner/Kardashian family, but it’s a thing that happened. The most liked photo garnered 1.8 million likes (that’s exactly all of Los Angeles, to put things into perspective), and is straight-up really, really adorable.

Considering Jenner has 42.8 million Instagram followers, 3.8 million likes may not seem like a lot, but you guys, that’s a lot of people.

Jenner told Instagram’s blog why she thinks her photos get so much attention. “A great TBT shows an authentic glimpse into your life, and something adorable or funny always wins extra points,” she said. The photo was taken when her entire family dressed up as a baseball team “since there are so many of us.” And people clearly love nostalgia.

“It’s not only about what I want people to see, but also what they can interpret from a single moment that may have no context,” Jenner added. “I enjoy getting artistic with my posts.”

She makes a really great point. Most of us think we are in control over our Instagram photos and what people see, when really, it’s not about that at all. It’s all about people’s interpretations of what we post, and we certainly aren’t in control over other people’s perceptions.

We know what some of you are thinking, “Who cares about any of this?”. Well Instagram has 300 million active users each month, so chances are, a lot of people care about likes.

Next Thursday we can all #TBT back to these results and get all nostalgic. Or not. It’s a free country/internet, you do you.

(Featured image via Instagram)