Kendall Jenner just posted the cutest childhood pic, proves she was a model from birth

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been having a tough time recently. After Kim Kardashian West’s horrifying Paris robbery earlier this month — and her subsequent disappearance from the public eye, including social media — the family has been keeping close and protecting each other from further harm.

While Kim’s younger sister Kendall Jenner has been somewhat active on social media since the robbery and has made some public appearances (she was out with sister Kourtney when the incident took place) she hasn’t commented on the invasion.

Today, though, she decided to publicly acknowledge the attack in her own way. It wasn’t with an interview or a tweet, but with this sweet and loving childhood pic with her sis.

Captioned only with two heart emojis, Kendall’s Instagram post sends love to Kim yet still respects her sister’s wish to remain out of the spotlight.

While admiring Kendall’s photo, we couldn’t help but notice that the young model was giving serious face from a very young age (not to mention wearing a chic AF leopard dress).

With her eyes on someone or something outside the frame, Kendall is giving off total fierce model vibes.

Seriously! Her child self is giving almost the exact same look as her adult self in this photo.

And this one.

And this one, too!

So basically this proves that for Kendall, becoming a model was genetically encoded. Good thing she followed those DNA rules!

In all seriousness, though, we’re sending our love to Kim and the whole family, and we’re glad you have each other to lean on.

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