Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid channeled Katniss Everdeen on the runway with hardcore, heavy metal makeup

As the crème de la crème of fashion month, Paris Fashion Week is where we expect to find all the most daring beauty trends to set the tone for the coming season. And as the crème de la crème of the model crowd, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are expected to rock said beauty trends in a way that makes us want to pitch everything in our make-up drawer and start from scratch so we can look just like them. (Well, not seriously pitch everything, but you get the point).

So, let’s just say all of our expectations were exceeded (and then some!) when the besties-modeling duo hit the catwalk for Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain show in high-octane, dark-glam makeup. Now, it’s not exactly what we might recreate at home. But dang! This is exactly the risqué make-up inspiration we needed in our lives right now.

And while we’re on the subject… does anyone else think this fierce beauty look kind of looks like Katniss Everdeen’s fiery makeup from Catching Fire? Food for thought…


You can see the resemblance, right? Minus the gold lips, of course. But okay, now to the Balmain beauty at hand!


Created by world-renowned makeup artist Tom Pecheux, the heavy metal-inspired looks were meticulously crafted (and perhaps Hunger Games inspired). Look closely, and you’ll see heavy black pencil liner, gel liner, smoky eyeshadow and metallic eyeshadow were used to create this drama-filled take on the winged cat eye.

The only thing Pecheux didn’t use here? Mascara!

“There’s no need, the eye makeup’s already so black,” the makeup artist, who also serves as YSL’s Global Beauty Director, told Allure.


As for the lips, well, that’s not actually makeup you’re looking at there. “It’s a piece of jewelry created by Olivier, that’s why we’re only putting balm on the lips.”

Now that’s true innovation right there! Though, we’d expect nothing less from Mr. Rousteing, who in years past has revitalized the house of Balmain with his Balmain Army (#SquadGoals), sensational designs, and social media superpower.


Clearly, if there were ever a pair of supermodels who could make ultra-bold beauty look into the stuff of legends, it would absolutely be Kendall and Gigi. And of course, we think Katniss would approve.

In sum, we’ve got two parting words for you girls: trés magnifique!

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