Shoutout to Kendall Jenner for gifting North West this very thoughtful science-inspired birthday present

It’s not always easy to pick out the perfect present for someone. That goes double for when the person in question is four years old and the daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. So what could anyone buy for little North West on her birthday? Her aunt Kendall Jenner came up with a smart and sweet gift that’s perfect for any kid with a curious mind.

Kim Kardashian recently revealed the incredibly thoughtful gift that Kendall Jenner got little North West.

It was a basket of goodies and fun, but the focus of the gift was entirely on STEM. The basket contained a book called Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects, which outlines a host of fun science projects kids can work on (with some help from their parents, of course).





Kendall went a step further with her thoughtful gift; she bookmarked her favorite experiments and even included all of the items that North would need to complete them. The basket was wrapped up nicely in a wire basket and sent over to the Kardashian-West household with a sweet note from the doting aunt. No wonder Kim Kardashian loved this gift!

Not only is this present extremely thoughtful, it’s unique — which is a hard feat to pull off when buying children’s presents. But perhaps the coolest aspect of this gift is the focus on science. We love that Kendall Jenner is encouraging this curiosity in her niece, and can’t wait to see what experiments little North West decides to cook up first!

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