Kendall Jenner wears denim shorts in freezing cold Paris and somehow pulls it off

The date is November 29th. Everyone you know is packing the last of their summer things away, ready to embrace the chilly everythings that come with December weather. Everyone except Kendall Jenner, that is, since Kendall was spotted in shorts as she left her hotel to attend a Victoria’s Secret event in Paris, France. SHORTS, people! The model created the illusion of pants by pairing the cropped jeans with some thigh-high footwear that left only the teeniest sliver of bare thigh exposed to the elements. Plus, how many minutes is Kendall actually going to spend outside in this scenario? A few minutes from hotel door to fancy-ass limo, so maybe the sweet breeze is nice for those 4.5 seconds. However you rationalize it, she’s rocking the summer staple into the winter months, and we gotta give her some cred.

Would you step out in your July denim as part of your winter look? If you’re Kendall, you’ve more than considered it, you’ve nailed it.


Is it some kind of super-boot? Is it a leather sock (imagine!)? According to “She’s wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin “Andalou” booties paired with a separate set of leather leg warmers as indicated by the small ankle zipper going up the side.” So…not a leather sock. Cool. *crosses it off Christmas list*


Some alt-angles of this season-defying magic: false

OMG. How. false

The cold did not seem to phase the 21-year-old smokeshow. Jenner was snuggly nestled (second row up, slight right from center behind bff Gigi Hadid) among this happy gang of Victoria’s Secret’s finest, blowing a kiss to lovers and haters alike.


Who’s to say the rules even apply to Kendall as we approach December 1st at a frighteningly rapid speed. As we’re taught time and time again, it’s the Jenner’s world, we’re just living in it. Now to see if we even fit into our summertime shorts after a week of Thanksgiving leftovers.

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