Kendall Jenner’s California girl look is undeniable and we love it

Let’s say you’re talking to a friend from another country or another planet and you happen to mention the phrase, “California style” and they say, “California style? What do you mean by that?” Whip out your phone and pull up Kendall Jenner’s Instagram feed and show them this photo:

Beachy hair. An off-the-shoulder top. Tan skin. Levi’s flares. Surfboard in hand. Beach background. Laid back, impossibly cool vibes. Now THAT is California style.

The jet-setting model has been back in LA to hang out with family and rock her signature 90s-inspired aesthetic at launch parties and events. As much as we love seeing Kendall on the red carpet in haute couture, we think her true self shines through brightest in more casual outfits just like this.

As the wise sage Katy Perry once said: California girls, they’re undeniable.

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