Kendall Jenner Rocked Sleek Blunt Bangs for Her New ‘Vogue’ Photo Shoot

She should consider keeping these around.

Bangs are one of those hair risks that can be scary to take, but some celebrities pull them off flawlessly. In a new shoot for Vogue Spain, Kendall Jenner is rocking heavy bangs in a darker hue than she usually has, and even though it seems like these were extensions she was wearing just for the shoot, she should seriously consider this look for her everyday life.

Jenner showed off her new look as she shared photos from the shoot on Instagram.

The first photo shows the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star with the long, blunt, straight across bangs as she rocks a pair of platform shoes. Swiping over, we can see her in striking bright blue eyeshadow before landing on a final photo that shows the model posing on the edge of an armchair wearing a long denim skirt.

If you’re a big fan of Jenner’s look at this shoot, you’re not the only one. The comments on this post were overwhelmingly positive, and even Donatella Versace gushed over the pics, writing, “Wow! Kendall, you look AMAZING!!!”

It seems like this is definitely a shoot that Jenner is proud of, because she shared even more photos from Vogue in other Instagram posts, including the cover of the magazine. She wore the bangs for the entire shoot, and it’s easy to see why; they totally fit her.

But perhaps the most fun set of photos from this shoot are the goth-inspired witchy ones. In the first one, Jenner is sporting all black and wearing a large hat, and the last one features the emo attire of our dreams—plus black lipstick. The comment section can’t get enough of the witchiness, and neither can we!

Though we’ve seen Jenner rock a sideswept bang before, this is the first time we’ve seen her try out a look this blunt. Maybe the positive feedback will encourage her to give it a go in real life?

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