We’re obsessed with Kendall Jenner’s new baby bangs (even if they aren’t real)

It’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy. A free bags of chips at the vending machine, finding money on the sidewalk and oh — that’s right: Kendall Jenner’s super chic new baby bangs. This little fringe is so short, so perky and so French that we are dying to get ourselves some clip-in bangs and start chopping. The Hepburn vibes are through the roof in these shots from Paris Fashion Week, and needless to say, with that red lip and those sunglasses indoors; Kendall totally knows what she’s doing. That blunt edge of glossy black hair and sheer plunging neckline is modern yet so perfectly retro (all in all, very 2017). Audrey would be proud!

Come see the mini-fringe gracing Kendall’s perfect face and just try not to get some of your own ASAP.


Can a hair choice be youthful and mature at the same time? Jury’s out, but in the meantime, we are coveting these uniquely adorable bangs!


The fishnets! The layered diamonds! The stemless wine glass! We are not sure she knows how iconic this look is. Please bring these bangs around more often, Kendall!

Where are those scissors? The bangs-envy is getting serious.


Are you looking at us? Because we are so looking at you.


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These two were bound to find each other at some point (also, the volume in that top knot!):

Roman Holiday? This is Paris to the max! Here’s a sneaky little peek at the bangs from before their public debut:


So what do you think? We know these little babies were falsies because she appeared without them twice in under 24 hours afterwards. If you’re intimidated by such a short snip or terrified of a slow grow-out, never fear! Fake bangs are everywhere these days. Even Kendall’s not impulsive enough the truly take the baby bang plunge. Yet.

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