Kendall Jenner is trying to make ankle purses the new tiny glasses, and tbh, we’re confused

The Kardashian/Jenners are often at the forefront of the hottest trends — contouring, lip liner, and tiny glasses are all very much a thing thanks in part to their family. Sure, we’ll let them have their long bike shorts, but we have some reservations about the latest trend they’re trying to make happen: ankle purses. Kendall shared a photo of a tiny purse wrapped around her ankle on Instagram Stories with the caption — “it only fits joy” — which literally means that the purse is so small, you can only fit a tiny sliver of emotion inside. pointed out that this is a 2007 Chanel purse but that Kendall likely bought it at online consignment shop The Real Real for $645, where it is now sold out.

We guess we’re not shocked, seeing as Kendall is frequently seen rocking non-ankle tiny purses often. Plus she loves tiny things, like glasses, and she also loves anything with a ’90s aesthetic, and tbh, this ankle purse feels like it would have been right at home on Cher Horowitz’s leg in Clueless.

Will ankle purses catch-on? They seem so…inconvenient. Do you have to sit down to access to your purse? What if you’re wearing a short dress? What fits in there? A credit card and a single key?


Here, the original 2007 Chanel purse.

Below, Kendall rocking a similarly tiny bag.


The Kardashians have attempted several trends that didn’t catch-on like contour did. Remember when Kim Kardashian West tried to bring back fanny packs?

Twitter thinks Kendall’s new trend looks like an ankle monitoring bracelet and fair point.

Listen, who knew tiny glasses that rest on the bridge of your nose and barely block out the sun would be a thing. Here’s to the ankle purses of 2018.

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