Kenan and Kel reunited for a ‘Good Burger’ sketch last night. Be still our ’90s hearts!

If you were a kid in the mid-1990s, chances are the following quote is among your most remembered pop-culture phrases:

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?”

And if you’ve watched any of Jimmy Fallon’s late-night shenanigans over the past few years, you know he has a knack for getting iconic ’90s TV casts back together and inserting himself as a character in their respective sketches. From Full House to Saved by the Bell, Fallon has some kind of ’90s-television magic wand he isn’t telling us about. Which is totally OK by me, even though it’d be great to know where he got it.

And Fallon upped his own game even further somehow last night when he got Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell back together for a Good Burger sketch on The Tonight Show.


As if you didn’t know, “Good Burger” was a segment on the mid-1990s Nickelodeon kids’ variety show All That, and probably the most famous segment at that. It was so well-loved, in fact, that it generated its own 1997 movie — one that simultaneously taught us to hold onto our real friends, love ourselves for who you are, fight for what we believe in, and that it OK to swim in a milkshake machine, because STRAWBERRY JACUZZI!

As far as this reunion sketch goes, IT’S LIKE NOTHING HAS CHANGED. All the best old jokes are in there, along with a special appearance by Black Thought from The Roots — and Mitchell could’ve taken a time machine from 1995 with how well he nails his most iconic character of Ed, the not-so-bright Good Burger employee with a heart of gold. Even Thompson’s character is one he played on All That, and again, we’re all screaming with nostalgic bliss.

Though Thompson has been a cast member on Saturday Night Live since 2003 and Mitchell has been working steadily on various projects, this is the first time the duo has substantially connected again onscreen since the end of their All-That spin-off series, Kenan & Kel, ended in 2000.

We hope this reunion, and the consequential reemergence of that fact that Mitchell’s obviously still got it, means we’ll be seeing him again on the big screen much more. And if Fallon could give Lori Beth Denberg a call, that’d be great, because I could use some Vital Information for my everyday life now more than ever, to be honest. We also hope this means Kenan and Kel are headed back to BFF status, because we miss them as a duo on our TV screens SO MUCH.

Check out the entire sketch below. And after, make sure you watch the adorable behind-the-scenes clip where we all cry even more happy nostalgia tears seeing these two guys hanging again like it’s 1995.

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