This company brilliantly reimagined Ken dolls with realistic bodies

We’re still super stoked over Mattel’s decision to release Barbie dolls with more diverse body types, and have put all of the new dolls on our wish list. While Barbie has definitely been inspirational over the years (just think about all the careers she’s had), it’s nice to know kids who love Barbie will now be able to see more of themselves in the way she looks on the outside, too.

And now, not even a week after the announcement of the new Barbie initiative, Ken is getting a body positivity makeover too – not officially, sadly, but fashion ecommerce site Lyst has joined the party by designing a range of Ken dolls that fit more looks than just the classically ripped surfer dude.

Of the idea to create this new Ken line, Lyst told PEOPLE they wanted “to bring body-positive Ken to life, embracing a more realistic version of manhood in 2016.”

The designs portray Ken in a more realistic variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to match Barbie’s new array of looks; according to PEOPLE, these variations of Barbie’s main squeeze include “Balding Ken,” “Bearded Hipster Ken,” and “Beach DadBod Ken.” Lyst also told PEOPLE they wanted even more diversity when it comes to Ken’s looks, which is why they designed “black, Asian, and petite” versions too. AWESOME.

As far as the dolls’ styling goes, the Lyst team told PEOPLE that they “looked at the most popular fashion products purchased by men during the last year, taking into account sizing data from the global menswear market.” They also added that, “The new Ken dolls reflect the modern man’s real appearance, plus real fashion tastes.”

We love that a company has come forward to take this reimagining to the next level. We hope others follow suit – and that Mattel is listening. More options for Barbie’s little sister Skipper next, please! Teenagers do have awkward phases, you know.