So, Ken Bone did a Reddit AMA, and weirdly enough, Snoop Dogg showed up

Can you believe we were only introduced to Ken Bone this past Sunday? It feels like the debate icon has been in our lives forever. Quite possibly because he’s really soaking up his time in the spotlight, and making the most of it. He’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, @midnight, and racked up a total of 239,000 Twitter followers. He’s really on top of the world right now.

Of course, that means that it’s time for him to do a Reddit AMA. During Reddit AMAs (with the AMA standing for “Ask Me Anything”) fans have the chance to get real and personal. For example, you probably heard about Joe Jonas’s recent AMA, where he discussed losing his virginity — it was intense.

Ken Bone’s AMA was a bit more standard. For example, he talked about how he was selected.

"Gallup does a random sampling of undecided voters in the area in which the debate is held. This time it was my home town and I was lucky enough to answer when they called," he said.

…and he also talked about how his insta-celebrity status has changed his family.

"My uncle called me today and seemed genuinely star struck as if we hadn't been drinking beer together the week before," Bone joked.

…. and as expected, he proved that he was totally on our level.

"You don't fill out a sweater like this by doing pizza anything half way," he noted when asked about whether or not he preferred pizza in roll or bagel form.

But then, something incredible happened. Snoop Dogg showed up. Er — Snoop Lion. You know who we’re talking about.


And yes, that’s officially Snoop Dogg’s handle— he’s pretty familiar with Reddit and the AMA process.

Need more proof? Well, Snoop also tried to hang out with Ken through Twitter.

When you’ve charmed Snoop, you know you’ve truly made it.

Of course, Ken’s response was pretty tame. He’d be unable to partake in the party-happenings, but his Dad would love to be there.

If this happens, it might just be the weirdest (yet most amazing) meet-up of all time. We just hope that no matter what, Ken picks a candidate soon! He’s running out of time, as the election is on November 8th.

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