Kelly Rowland gives us the update on her new makeup brand and how she feels about being a meme

There’s so much we already love about Kelly Rowland.

She’s part of one of the biggest girl groups in musical history, has her own successful solo career, is a mom, style icon, and refreshingly keeps it real (as evidenced in her book Whoa, Baby!). Now, Rowland is partnering with Johnson & Johnson in support of World AIDS Day for its Make HIV History initiative.

In an interview with HelloGiggles, Rowland, who lost someone very dear to her to AIDS, explains why it was important for her to be part of the fight.

“I’ve always been very passionate about just spreading the awareness,” Rowland told us. “They show sex all day long on TV, but there’s no one really telling you what are the responsibilities that go with it. So I was extremely proud to partner with Johnson & Johnson because I just felt like this campaign is necessary. You look at the stats on HIV, and how it’s not really changing, and how the numbers are higher in women. I wanted to be a part of getting the word out.”

We also chatted with Rowland about her upcoming makeup line, what she thinks about Fenty Beauty, and how she feels about being one of the internet’s most memorable memes.

HelloGiggles: What do you do for yourself when you need some kind of self-care?

Kelly Rowland: Well, I have a therapist that I call if there is something that I can’t quite figure out on my own, or something that might be overwhelming to me. I have no problem talking about that at all, because I just want to figure it out. I want to know what’s going on. The first time somebody told me about a therapist, I was around someone else, and they made that other person feel ashamed for even talking about it. And when I understood what a therapist does and I actually took my first visit, I came out of there feeling like I was on top of the world.

HG: What was a moment in your life that you realized that you are confident being yourself?

KR: This sounds real crazy but it was in my late 20s. I just had this moment when I was like, “yo man, I just feel like I’m the shit today.” And it was deeper than, like, the external. It was appreciating the things around me; I try to be a great friend. I was more in a place of gratitude. I think we’re all shocked at how everyone has insecurities. Everyone has something that makes them feel uncomfortable or inadequate about themselves. When I was able to accept all those flaws and all, I was like, “Yeah, Kell, you’re a pretty great girl.”

HG: How has motherhood changed your beauty routine?

KR: It’s a lot shorter, honey. [Laughs] Only because I have a three-year-old that demands my attention at all hours. But when it is time to make time for myself, that is a priority for me, whether it’s a facial or it’s a massage. But it definitely changed. It’s a little bit shorter.

HG What makeup products or brands are you excited about right now?

KR: There’s a lash subscription called Elora that I actually just invested in. They have the most beautiful lashes, and they deliver lashes to you every month. It’s the coolest thing. I love my Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Crayon. It’s pretty friggin’ awesome. What else? Dr. Dennis Gross? Girl. Have you tried those? Like the little duo? I’ve been using those pads for the skin that are really good.

HG: Have you tried Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s line?

KR: No, I haven’t tried it yet. But I definitely want to. I know everybody under the sun has tried it. I heard the bronze is fantastic, and I love the fact that she’s played it to every shade. I love her for that.

HG: Last year you talked about coming out with your own makeup brand. Is that still a possibility?

Kelly: Yes, it’s actually happening. I’ve pretty much invested in all of it myself, so it’s just really getting all the products and everything together. So, I’ve started the whole process of that and it’s been really awesome. But, it’s pretty slow, of course, as you can imagine.

HG: Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2018, any new things you want to try?

KR: All my friends keep telling me about this Korean spa here in L.A. They say as you leave, your body feels like a baby’s bottom. You know, I’m not getting younger, but I am noticing that the same little body that was jumping around in the “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” video or “Say My Name” and “Dilemma,” that body’s definitely a little different. I think it definitely takes a toll on your body, though, the whole age situation.

HG: Speaking about “Dilemma,” there’s that infamous Excel texting scene in the video. How do you feel about being a part of a meme?

KR: Why do people make such a big deal over that? It keeps coming up like every couple of months and I don’t get it. I remember when they gave me the phone, and they were like, “Here, you’re gonna pretend like you’re calling him.” So I’m like, “Guys, this is pretend, go with the flow. Calm down.” When I see all those posts, I’m like, okay, whatever. But I get it. I was in that era and I didn’t know much about Microsoft Excel, but everyone knows now.

Watch Johnson & Johnson’s World AIDS video below:

For more information, visit and find an AIDS organization in your area, such as Greater Than AIDS and the Black AIDS Institute.

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