Kelly Rowland Had Her Destiny’s Child Sisters With Her on Zoom When She Gave Birth

She's as close as ever with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

Destiny’s Child is forever, y’all! Kelly Rowland told People in an April 29th interview that when she gave birth to her son Noah in January, her former groupmates were right there with her—virtually.

Michelle Williams and Beyoncé Knowles witnessed Rowland’s beautiful birth of her son via Zoom, the singer shared. “We had our family join on Zoom. They were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful.”

Rowland gave birth to Noah on January 21st with her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, by her side. And while Rowland’s Destiny’s Child “sisters,” as she called them when talking to People, weren’t able to be in the room with her, they’ve since met the little guy.

“They met him immediately,” she said, adding that the two have been “awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome” with him. Rowland previously told Entertainment Tonight about the emotional first meeting Beyoncé and Williams had with Noah. “The girls were literally over here at the house just recently and when they met the baby it was like another part of my heart just… Being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift,” she said. “It’s really a gift because we’ve known each other for so long and the industry doesn’t really make friendships… It’s the nature of it, and we still have each other after all these years.”

Little Noah joined his older brother Titan, but we think there’s a good chance he’ll have Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi to lean on as he grows up too. It’s clear the ladies of Destiny’s Child stick together, and that’ll probably go for their kids, too!

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