Kelly Ripa used Hiram’s Riverdale family as her personal Christmas card, and we’re fa-la-la losing it

Capturing that picture-perfect moment for the family holiday card can be tough, so this year, Kelly Ripa did what anyone would do…she outsourced her family entirely by using Hiram Lodge’s Riverdale family in her holiday greetings, and we can’t handle the hilarity of this move.

Ripa’s real-life husband Mark Consuelos plays Hiram on the CW series, and with Ripa soon be joining the Riverdale cast as Hiram’s mistress, it seems she decided to play a solid switcheroo involving her husband’s alter-ego: making his TV wife, Hermione, and daughter, Veronica, the centerpiece of the festive family card for 2018.

The talk show host shared an image of the smiling fictional family to Instagram, captioning the card, “Happy Holidays. From our family to yours. (No actual wives or children were used in this photo).” She then shared the back of the card, which features a gorgeous photo of the real-life Ripa-Consuelos clan, writing, “Love, the Consuelos’ (ACTUAL FAMILY).”

We bow down to Ripa for this flawless move, and we’re not-so-secretly wishing this holiday card would appear in our mailboxes—it’s that good.

When Consuelos posted the photo to Instagram, he captioned the post, “My poor wife has resorted to using my TV family as our holiday card. Personally..I think it’s her best work.”

Ripa then took to the comments on her husband’s post, writing, “What a saint she must be……” with Nichols commenting on Ripa’s post, “This is one of the many reasons you are a Queen! Genius.”

But it seems not everyone was pleased with the Riverdale holiday switch-up—Mendes wrote to her TV dad, “as your newly adopted daughter, I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t included in the ‘actual family’ photo.” Consuelos responded, telling Mendes, “you weren’t there that night. Next year, next year.”

Family goals to the max.