Kelly Ripa diagnosed Andy Cohen’s skin cancer just by looking at him because that’s what friends are for

Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen have been talkshow co-hosts and IRL BFFs for a long time, but on Friday they showed us just how deep their friendship goes. While on Live with Kelly, Andy Cohen revealed how Kelly Ripa might have saved his life, and the bar for friendship goals has just been raised a little higher.

According to Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live, he showed up to a party with a black dot on his lip and Ripa immediately began to hound him about getting it checked by a dermatologist. Turns out, Ripa did actually spot Cohen’s melanoma, which is curable if treated early, which is why she hounded him until he did something about it.

 “I’m like a dog with a bone. He would text me and I’d be like, ‘You get your lip checked out yet, boo?’ He’d be like, ‘Not yet,’ ”

Ripa said.

You know how sometimes your friends can give you the best advice because they see things about (or on) yourself that you don’t? This is a pretty literal but great example of that. Ripa herself said to Cohen:

“It’s hard when you see things on yourself — you forget where things came from, how long have they been there… It’s always that sort of thing”

If you’re wondering how you might spot a cancerous growth on yourself or your friend, make sure to know “the ABCDEs of melanoma.” Also go see a dermatologist once a year (or more if you’re prone to getting moles or are ‘tanorexic’ as Andy Cohen described himself).

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and since we can’t all have friends as observant or dermatologically savvy as Kelly Ripa, it’s important to have your moles checked frequently.

We know it’s much more than skin deep with Andy and Kelly, but we’re glad this time it was. What would we do without Andy’s charming smile and inappropriate jokes about having three-ways with Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos?

Never change, Andy and Kelly!

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