Kelly Osbourne sent a strong message against sample sizes with a hilarious photo

Trying on clothes can be super hard. Whether it’s pants or dresses, sometimes it feels like clothes aren’t meant for our bodies. Sample sizes rarely fit a variety of body sizes and shapes. And Kelly Osbourne experienced the struggle after trying on a sample size dress.

Kelly Osbourne knows the struggle.

Getting stuck in clothes is absolutely the worst! While Kelly Osbourne was trying on dresses, she had trouble getting a dress off. It was too big in some areas and too tight in others. In an Instagram post, she said:

“When the dress is too big for your body but too small for your ass. I’ve been in this bathroom for 20 minutes trying to get it off!”

We’re glad that Kelly felt confident enough to share the image of her in her bra and underwear with a black dress around her waist. It’s a funny picture, because we’re pretty sure we’ve all been there. But it also lets women and girls know that they aren’t the only ones who have trouble with getting clothes to fit!

Kelly, like all of us who struggle when they try on clothes, is not defined by how clothes are made. Many times sample clothes are made for a specific body type, and not “fitting” into that type shouldn’t make us feel bad.

Kudos to Kelly for spreading the body positivity!