Today in the unexpected: Kelly Osbourne just posted a throwback pic with Adele

We’re all about a good throwback picture. Which means we’re clearly kind of obsessed with a photo of Kelly Osbourne and Adele from 2007 that Osbourne recently shared on her Insta.

For some background, it looks like the young Britonians were helping to host a radio show in England (or maybe Osbourne was hosting, and Adele was just there…details remain unclear). But what we DO know is that these super fresh-faced celebs were once hanging out in the same room, with zero knowledge of the epic-ness to come. Think about it: This was Adele before the days of mega-fame and Grammy awards (yup, this was before she even released 19!). And check out little baby Kelly!

Seriously, we didn’t even know they knew each other! But in Osbourne’s interview with Contact Music in 2013, she revealed that they’ve known each other for years, and that she’s proud of Adele’s success in the music industry (who ISN’T?).

Also, can we just take a quick moment to give a shout out to Osbourne’s major hair transformation? Because it’s impressive AF.

Osbourne is slated for a super busy year in her own right. She’ll be touring for her upcoming book, appropriately titled There is No Fucking Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch (a memoirwhich explores her various influences and reveals stories from her life).

Soooooo, we’re kinda hoping that Osbourne and Adele can have a reunion at some point, because come on guys, it’s been too long! You probably have a lot to catch up on, and when you do, please ensure there is ample photographic evidence. We don’t ask for much!

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