Kelly Clarkson’s enthusiastic reaction to a surprise girl’s trip is all of us with our besties

Though their lifestyles can make them seem very different, celebrities are just like us. Sometimes, they even show us behind-the-scenes candid moments that we really identify with. And when Kelly Clarkson got a surprise trip for her birthday, she basically lost her mind in the most relatable and charming way ever.

Kelly posted the video of her reaction to her Instagram.

And we have to admit, we love it on so many levels. First of all, her excitement is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Secondly, she rocks a messy morning hair bun and a makeup free face proving that not everything on social media needs to be airbrushed. And, finally, she reminds us of just how delightful it is to have friends who care about you enough to plan something as thoughtful as a surprise girl’s trip.

Her friends didn’t just have Kelly open up a box with a note or some tickets in it. Instead, they made the present’s reveal a whole experience.

Kelly describes in her caption that she went on a scavenger hunt before the final reveal (via anagram) of her actual present.

The singer gets more and more excited as the details of the trip come out. And she gets even happier as her friends also admit that many of the details are NOT going to be revealed. After all, who doesn’t love a surprise that leads to more surprises?

Kelly has been open about her support and love for the women in her life. She beams in pictures with them. And it’s clear from that video that they have a ton of fun together.

We don’t yet have any updates as to where the fun trip ended up being since Kelly has yet to post about the adventure. But we have no doubt that the singer is having the absolute *BEST* time ever. Her birthday isn’t until Monday, so she’ll be able to spend it recounting all the fun she had on her surprise girl’s trip.

Happy birthday, Kelly!

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