Kelly Clarkson’s baby daughter is not a fan of Santa

One of the best parts of the holiday season is scrolling through Instagram to see your favorite celebs’ festive photos. Epic trees, family, and adorable traditions are just some of the things we get to look forward to see, and it’s always amazing.

And this year, Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas Eve Insta tops it all. The pic shows the singer’s daughter, River, sitting on Santa’s lap. And she is NOT having it.

But before you see a very, very upset River, here’s what the little baby girl looks like happy. Treasure this Insta moment while you can, because things are about to get UGLY:

The one-and-a-half-year-old is decked out in a white sweater and matching flower headband, as a jolly looking Santa holds her in his arms. River, meanwhile, has her mouth open in what was probably an ear-splitting scream. Clarkson, for her part, doesn’t seem too worried. She captioned the photo, “So this happened… #RiverLovesSanta …Is it wrong I slightly enjoyed this ha!” No girl, we enjoyed it a little bit, too. As someone who also screamed and cried on Santa’s lap, I feel your pain, River. Santa can be totally scary. Enjoy the cuteness:

(Images via Instagram)

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