Kelly Clarkson threw a low-key birthday party for her son, reminding us that toddlers are easy to please

With the amount of expectation that often falls on birthdays. It can be a genuine struggle to plan something that everyone will enjoy, that isn’t TOO stressful, and also seems like you went to some trouble. We just heard that Kelly Clarkson celebrated her son Remington’s 1st birthday in a super low-key way, and we’re taking a page out of her book!

Because birthday parties for toddlers can sometimes feel like a professional sport, and she’s reminding us that all they need to be pretty stoked is yummy birthday cake, a simple toy, and lots of laughs.

Looks perfect to us!

Notice how the birthday cake is in the shape of a camping tent (complete with a sign that says “Remy”)? Adorable! What more could anyone want on their very first birthday? And just look at how he stares up at his mama. Awwww.

It just goes to show…while it’s obviously fun to throw a fancy party every once in a while, keeping it simple can have huge benefits — less preparation and cleanup and a lot less fuss (and let’s be real, most one-year-olds will never have any recollection that it happened anyway).

And um, side note: This might be obvious, but Remy is pretty darn cute and we should all enjoy that for a moment.

AKA the happiest baby.

Here’s the proud mama with her daughter River. Equally precious.

We just have one request…Kelly, the next time you throw a b-day party for Remy or River…invite us?! We like low-key things that involve BABIES and CAKE!

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