Kelly Clarkson yelling “Can I meet you?” at Meryl Streep is really setting the 2018 mood

We are ALL Kelly Clarkson losing it over Meryl Streep at the 2018 Golden Globes. We have to imagine that going to one of those massive and fancy awards shows is an overwhelming experience for everybody. It’s, like, every person we’ve ever admired all corralled into one area in formalwear. We’re surprised more people don’t fangirl out, TBH. But thankfully, we have Kelly Clarkson.

When Clarkson spotted Meryl Streep on the red carpet, she couldn’t contain her excitement and asked, “Can I meet you?!”

Since Clarkson is such a big Streep fan — she considers Meryl her spirit animal — we totally get her reaction. Plus, how could you possibly pass up an opportunity to legit meet Meryl Streep? Because, hello, SHE’S MERYL STREEP.

(Also, this is KELLY CLARKSON WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. Can you imagine Clarkson fangirling over you? Icon or not, we have to imagine this was kinda neat for Meryl, too.)

Luckily, the two did get to meet. And Clarkson told Streep that she’s loved her since she was like eight years old. We find that pretty relatable, too. We’re super jealous, but also glad Kelly Clarkson got to tick off this bucket list item.

And here’s the highly anticipated meeting, in which Kelly Clarkson almost fell down the stairs in her excitement.

This is exactly how we wanted to start off 2018, honestly. A Golden Globes full of ladies being awesome to other ladiestaking a major stand against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond — and some genuine excitement on top of it.