Twitter is losing it over Kelly Clarkson’s Macy’s Day Parade performance—here’s why

It’s Thanksgiving 2018, which for many families all across America means one thing: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (okay, maybe not just that one thing…but it’s definitely a huge part of it). The annual celebration features floats, dancers, live marching bands, and a headlining performer. This year’s star was none other than Kelly Clarkson—and her name is currently trending on Twitter post-performance…and for good reason.

Many musicians who perform in the Macy’s Day Parade often op to lip sync, or at the very least use a backing track, given the specific constraints of the event. There’s huge (i.e. loud crowds) and the weather is often frigid—neither of which makes things particularly amenable to live vocal performances. However, our girl Clarkson not only performed, but she did so without any backing. It was a genuine live performance, and she crushed it.

And Twitter is bowing down.



In case you were wondering, yes, there really are almost record-breakingly-cold Thanksgiving temperatures in New York today. The temperature is below freezing with an “icy” wind chill, according to ABC7 News.

Kelly Clarkson, you are a queen. Now go rest up inside and enjoy Thanksgiving! You’ve more than earned it, lady.

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