Kelly Clarkson adorably forgot lyrics during a Facebook Live digital concert and we love her more for it

We’ve always had a huge girl crush on Kelly Clarkson, and now we love her even more. During her recent Facebook Live digital “concert” on July 29th, she forgot some of her lyrics.

What did she do?



She laughed, asked for some hints from others in the room — telling us at home (after forgetting some of “Catch My Breath”), “I wrote this!” — and kept right on singing

And that’s the perfect way to bounce back, right?

Admit your mistake and move on. That’s what adulting’s all about, and Clarkson handled it like a true pro.

For the “last-minute” concert, as Clarkson stated in the video, she was taking requests from fans, as well as singing some of her hit songs. One would assume she’d forget the new lyrics, right? But, that wasn’t the case. Though “Catch My Breath” was the first song she sang — and forgot parts of — it wasn’t the only one.

Her singing mistakes — if we’d even call them that — proved to us, once again, how human Kelly Clarkson is. Of course, that’s why we continue to want to be her BFF.

Even at the beginning of Clarkson’s concert on Facebook Live, she started out by laughing and saying,

“I haven’t looked in a mirror since, like, driving from my house, so you’re welcome — it looks unkempt and lovely.”


We so love you, Kelly.

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She also also sang various parts of other hit singles like “A Moment Like This,” “Beautiful Disaster,” and “Walk Away.” And she’s proven again and again that she can sing anything, like the time she sang Tinder profiles on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You can check out her Facebook Live performance here.

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