Kelly Clarkson and her baby girl expertly show us how to manage holiday stress

Holidays are awesome, but can also be MAJORLY stress-inducing. All of the cooking, the planning, the shopping, the family dynamics — it can all be a bit exhausting. But Kelly Clarkson and her baby daughter, River, have totally got relaxation down.

These ladies have a history of excelling at chilling…

But they SUPER nailed their chill-out time this holiday weekend.

On Thursday, Kelly took to Instagram to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving by taking a super-cute pic of her 17-month-old enjoying the (crazy warm!) sun. “I’m so thankful for my amazing family & friends!! Especially this little nugget,” she wrote in the caption of the Insta. “River can’t be bothered right now. She’s meditating.” (But then, she appropriately hashtagged #sheistotallythinkingaboutfood, which is a hashtag that can apply to me at any given moment.) River’s clearly got some seriously real meditation skills:

A river of zen. (Sorry, had to.)

That relaxation might not last *too* long though, because baby River has only got a matter of months until she’s no longer an only child! Kelly is currently pregnant with River’s future big brother, which she announced last month.

Super cute! We couldn’t be more excited for Kelly and River. And we can’t help but imagine all the family Thanksgiving meditation sessions to come. One big, happy, zen family!

(Images via Instagram.)