Kelly Bishop (aka Emily Gilmore) has been talking about widowhood in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” and we can’t handle it

As we get closer and closer to November 25th, more and more details about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life are being revealed and it’s too much.

This time, Kelly Bishop’s been talking widowhood in the Gilmore Girls revival and it’s hurting our hearts.

Sitting down with E! News, the actor, who plays matriarch Emily Gilmorein the much loved dramedy, spoke about the transitions that her character has undergone during the upcoming Netflix revival and *WARNING* it’ll make you feel very, very, VERY emotional.

"Emily is dealing with widowhood and it's a huge part of the whole thing for her," Bishop told E! News.

Of course, we know the show’s creators decided to write the sad passing of Edward Herrmann into the show. Therefore, Emily’s husband, Richard, has passed away. We also know that there’s going to be a funeral in one of the upcoming four feature length episodes.

"[Emily] has different adventures, some of them are funny, some of them are sad," Bishop continued, talking about Emily's journey. "She's just kind of plodding along trying to find herself, how she does it now, what it means."

Bishop also spoke about the funeral scene for Richard, and it’s seriously emotional.

"It was hard," she explained. "It was hard because it really felt like a funeral and we all three had such tremendous fondness for Ed. Imaging the reality made us all very sad."

Bishop also spoke about *that* scene in trailer that sees Emily wearing just jeans and a t-shirt.

As the interviewer says, it must be the first time that we see Emily not wearing a suit or a gown.

"It was meant to be rather shocking when the scene was written," the actor said. "It was something that was really surprise people."

Despite the fact that Gilmore Girls has been off the air since 2007, Bishop said that she hadn’t struggled to get back into character.

In fact, she feels that they are one and the same.

"I just know that character so well and I did it for so long. It was really sort of like stepping into a favorite outfit or something. I certainly gave a lot of thought to what she was feeling, but as far as her personality, as far as Emily goes, we are one," she said.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life comes to Netflix on November 25th (that’s just 16(!) days!).

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