Kellogg’s is releasing a unicorn-themed cereal, because they know our hearts

Back when you were a kid, cereal was kind of a big deal. Especially when your box of cereal included a toy. Get ready to relive that magic and excitement once again, since Kellogg’s is releasing a unicorn cereal that seemingly looks like its own product, and not a tie-in. The product is rumored to be launching in March 2018, but just for a limited time. That means you should try your hardest not to fall in love with it, the way we all fell in love with the discontinued Dunkin’ Donuts cereal and Cinnamon Mini Buns. May they RIP.

Here’s what we know about the cereal. According to the box, it’ll taste a little like cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes — magic cupcakes. That probably sets it apart from any competitors. The cereal, literally called “Unicorn Cereal,” will be the first unicorn-themed cereal that Kellogg’s has made available to the United States. This sweetened cereal looks like a pastel version of Froot Loops — but with one big difference. It seems like the cereal is sugared, perhaps to add a bit more sparkle to breakfast.

Speaking of Froot Loops, it looks like they had a little to do with this product launch. A similar unicorn-themed cereal (with the same unicorn on the box!) is available overseas, but it bears the Fruit Loops name.

Here’s the image that’s circulating for the 2018 version:

The final version of the cereal may not look like the image above, according to a write-up from Today, which leaves us pretty intrigued.

We have to admit, we’re not yet over the unicorn food phase. And even though 2017 was the year of unicorn food, we’d have no problem if 2018 kept up with the trend.

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