Keke Palmer’s inspiring message to fans on Instagram is exactly what we need to hear

The darling star of Akeelah The Bee and Scream Queens favorite Keke Palmer posted an inspiring message on Instagram today, and it might be exactly what you need to keep your week positive, even if you feel buried in work and the world at large! The singer and actress posted a top-shelf selfie of herself in a shimmery silver crop top paired with a personal, poetic, and inspirational message to her fans encouraging them to keep pressing on despite obstacles.

She describes how she has been hustling “non-stop since the age of 9” and how it’s easy to “get wrapped up in your work that you forget to stop working and enjoy the flowers in which your seeds have grown.”

"It wasn't about me, Lauren Keyana Palmer, it was about and still is about ALL THE GIRLS JUST LIKE ME. I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME. We are the same, this is the proof, I am the proof that you can be anything," she wrote in the caption.

While her recent post is certainly a delight, it isn’t the first time Palmer has posted motivating messages on social media as she’s been known to drop some sweet gems from time to time.

Palmer wants her fans to remember to stop and enjoy the victories in their lives, both small and large.

"Don't let the world trick you and stifle your growth, blossom into the rose you have always been destined to be. Cause the gag is, it's all up to you! If there is WILL there is a WAY."

The encouraging and outspoken words from Palmer feel right in line with her dedication to speaking truth to life. Just last December, Palmer spoke candidly about her sexuality and the need for widespread definitions more diverse than just gay, straight, or bi.

Whether she’s supporting her family or encouraging fans, Palmer is dedicated to keeping it real and keeping it positive!

Plus, Palmer’s got a killer sense of style to boot.

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