Keke Palmer had the ~best~ response to being hair-shamed online

When we post the obligatory haircut selfie on the internet, the last thing we expect is for our friends to pick it apart and shame us. That’s pretty much what happened to 22-year-old Keke Palmer. The singer and Scream Queens actress took to Snapchat on Monday to debut her new locs and half-shaved head, and was suddenly met with a crazy amount of backlash.

First thing’s first: Keke looks amazing. false

But for some reason, the people who weren’t so into Keke’s look decided to take to Twitter and shame her for her choices. false false false

As rude as passing judgement on someone’s appearance is, Keke handled it so impressively, gracefully dismissing the haters with some spot-on tweets about loving yourself. false false

She even took this opportunity to draw attention to her newest single, Yellow Lights. false

This new haircut is “the one I’m feeling most right now,” Keke told Essence back in March when she first shaved her head. “The truth is, anytime you’re being you and not following the status quo, you will be ridiculed,” she continued. “I can only be me and if it’s not enough for anyone else that’s alright with me!

While online bullying is never pleasant, Keke just proved for the millionth time that she’s above all that. Her attitude is refreshing and totally inspiring to anyone who may be dealing with any judgement or harassment of their own. You should always be allowed to just do you, and anyone who has a problem with that doesn’t need to be a part of your life.

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