Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s adorable duet give us #relationshipgoals

We knew Nicole Kidman could sing because we only watch Moulin Rouge! about, oh, twice a year. But we had forgotten just how talented she is until we watched Nicole sing — okay, mostly lip synch — a duet with her husband, Keith Urban, for his new song “The Fighter.”

Carrie Underwood sings the actual duet with Keith on his new album, Ripcord, but we’re confident Nicole is giving her stiff competition. She even tweeted about their video yesterday: false

The happy couple are filmed sitting inside a car when Nicole adorably exclaims, “Oh my God, I love this song!”


It just so happens to be Keith’s new song, “The Fighter,” which he then sings to his wife while she adorably acts out parts from the song. For the lyrics “What if I cry?”, Nicole covers her eyes like she’s tearing up and for “What if I’m scared?”, she rattles her nails against her teeth, looking in fear.

As Keith sings that he’ll fight for her and protect her, it’s clear that these two have A LOT of chemistry. Their hugs at the end are nothing but pure love. We’re not surprised, as they’ve been married for 10 years!


Here’s the whole video of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s duet — try not to melt into a puddle while you watch:

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