It’s official: Keira Knightley is coming back for “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Will Turner might still be very dead, but his lady-love, Elizabeth Swan is safe on land. We now know this for a FACT. How? Because Ms. Swan pops up in the latest trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and it’s okay to freak out a bit.

Last we saw Elizabeth (and actually, Will), they were reuniting for another day together on land (because, you know, Will was cursed to sail the seas with his undead crew, only getting one day on land every 10 years, typical marital stuff). It’s hard to figure out what they’re up to now — mostly because Will is still VERY UNDEAD — but Elizabeth is looking better than ever.

All along, it’s been unclear if Keira Knightley would return to her role for the latest (and possibly last) Pirates. Now, it’s clear. She is. 


This new international trailer unfortunately doesn’t set up exactly what Elizabeth is up to when Pirates 5 picks up. We do know that her son, Henry, manages to get roped into one Jack Sparrow’s many adventures, and possibly meets his undead dad under water.

Pirates sales back into theaters on May 26th, and we’ll be ready. Hopefully Will and Elizabeth (and Henry) finally get the happy, swashbuckling ending they all deserve.