Kehlani’s Hair Makes the Case for Two-Tone Color, and We’re Totally on Board

This dark and light look is so cool.

We’ve been seeing some really bold hair looks in the celebrity world lately, from luscious curtain bangs and peekaboo color to multicolored wigs and even shaved heads. It seems celebrities aren’t holding anything back these days, and Kehlani is joining in on that trend.

The singer took to Instagram on July 27th to show off her new two-tone hair, with half of it a dark brown-black and half of it blonde. But rather than just cut her hair in half for two even sides of color, she left a few blonde pieces in the darker parts of her hair. It adds a little bit of flair to an already very cool ‘do. She also used a skunk emoji in the caption of her photo, which says everything we need to know.

It’s hard to get the full scope of her two-tone colorblock hair from just these photos, so we’re hoping she gives us a more 360-degree photo or video soon. We especially want to see more of it because this is such a bold take for the singer who usually keeps her hair pretty natural. Her dark hair can usually be seen either naturally curly, sleek and shiny, or some combination of both. She’s also rocked her fair share of protective styles and gorgeous updos.

Thanks to this look, as well as the other heavily colorblocked hairstyles we’ve seen as of late, we’re getting some ideas for new ways to take our own hair color to the next level. Maybe stripes will be in next? Or a jewel-tone dip dye with a colored root? The options are endless, and this summer feels like the perfect time to try it out!

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