13 Twitter reactions to Donald Trump’s announcement that “Keep America Great” is his 2020 campaign slogan

On Saturday, March 10th, Donald Trump officially announced his campaign slogan for his re-election bid in 2020: “Keep America Great.” We guess he’s done making America great again, then?

The announcement wasn’t a huge surprise, considering The Washington Post reported in January 2017 that Trump had already told his lawyer to trademark the phrase, both with and without exclamation points. Plus, the president has essentially been campaigning for the 2020 election since his inauguration, if not before. The whole thing becomes even more concerning when you consider that Trump recently floated the idea of a “U.S. president for life” following China’s repeal of term limits. (Is anyone else shuddering at the thought?)

Trump revealed the “Keep America Great” slogan while campaigning for state Rep. Rick Saccone, who’s running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s special election on Tuesday. In a clearly unscripted stump speech, the president touted his recently announced steel and aluminum tariffs, levied insults at opponents in the media and in government, and suggested the U.S. should impose the death penalty (or life in prison) for convicted drug dealers.

But we digress. Now that we’ve got “KAG” on the way — it’s not the best acronym, but no one ever claimed Trump was good at wordplay — the internet has a lot to say.

Here’s a small sampling of the Twitter reactions to Trump’s newly announced “Keep America Great” campaign slogan.

There were those who reacted with hard data.


That’s some serious condemnation.

Parts of Twitter asked some important questions. false

And then came the political memes.

This guy had some suggestions to replace “Keep America Great.”

And this one added a helpful disclaimer for Trump to consider.

And Twitter was just getting started.

Is this a joke, or a really sad truth?

There was criticism of Trump’s priorities in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Is Trump gaslighting us all over again?

Okay, this one is for sure satire.

And this one made us laugh.

The “Keep America Great” announcement had some proposing rival hashtags.

Someone eventually evoked the presidency of Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.


Let’s hope Trump stops campaigning and starts governing well before Election Day in 2020.

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