Keanu Reeves Just Turned 50, But He’ll Always Be A Teen Heartthrob To Us

Not to make you feel old or anything, but Keanu Reeves, former teen idol of the world, turned 50 earlier this week. Keanu was (and still is) such a heartthrob because of the way he was so casual about being a movie star. He was like my older brother’s friend, who I just wanted to be around and look at all the time, except my brother didn’t know him. And I don’t have a brother. For those of you who are too young to remember the beauty and casualness of Keanu, and for those of you who DO remember and feel like getting nostalgic, here’s a look at a few of the best Keanu Reeves mega teen idol moments:

This dreamy hair-flipping interview he gave about “Point Break” 

In this 1991 Good Morning, America interview, his trademark casual, I’m-just-whatever-vibe was particularly appealing. He was casual about being casual. And in Point Break, he jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. Does it get any more casual than that?

This picture of him playing with his band Dogstar

Don’t act like you don’t remember his band. It was the coolest, even if Keanu himself, didn’t think it was so cool. In a 1993 interview with Smash Hits Magazine UK, he said of his band: “We’re terrible. We’ve played about ten times now and though we’re getting better, we play better in a garage. But I say, better to regret something that you have done than regret something you haven’t done.”

This Teen Beat interview

It didn’t take much to fall in love as a teen, so when Keanu came on the scene with his surfer-dude attitude, it was pretty much over for us. He had us at “dude.” In this 1991 Teen Beat interview, Keanu filled us in on the friendship between Bill and Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He said, “Ted is a real dreamer, a bit naive, but always a positive and nurturing force within Bill and Ted’s friendship. Really, they are so connected, they’re the same guy. It’s kind of scary—they’re two dudes in a pod.” Two dudes in a pod!

This ‘excellent’ Sassy Magazine cover

This YM article . . . 

. . .Where it is explained that his name literally translates to “the coolness.” Of course.

Happy birthday Keanu. We’ll always have a teen crush on you.

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