Feast your eyes on Katy Perry’s saucy, sexy, NSFW “Bon Appétit” video

Katy Perry’s NSFW music video for “Bon Appétit,” featuring Migos, has arrived, and it turns up the heat — literally.

The video puts the pop star at the center of a meal, as chefs cover her in flour and vegetables, place her in a broth of some kind, boil her, baste her, chop off her luscious blonde locks, and more — shoutout to chef Roy Choi, who gives his sign-off on the meal before Perry is taken over to a dining table. She lays down with garnishes covering her, thus appearing very appetizing to a seemingly hungry crowd.


Presentation is everything, right, foodies? But the tables quite literally turn at the ring of a bell. That’s about all we can say without saying too much, so just be sure to watch the video — directed by Dent De Cuir and available above — through to the surprise ending. In the meantime, check out Perry’s tease that things might not be what they initially seem.

What’s more, you can watch Perry’s live stream (with a cameo from her adorable pup, Nugget) in celebration of the new release, in which she answers fan questions.


We love how Perry continues to reinvent herself with her music and subsequent videos — and can’t get enough of “Bon Appétit”!

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