Katy Perry got very sassy with this famous Disney princess

Man, Katy Perry can be real harsh sometimes. While hanging out at Disneyland (which is proof that no one ever outgrows the magic of childhood, btw), Katy ran into the OG Princess, Cinderella. Like pretty much every single person who ever visits Disneyland, Katy wanted to take a picture her Her Highness. But leave it Katy to add a little sass and a little spice to the interaction. Right before their photo, things got a little, um, tense:

Katy! Why you gotta rain on poor Cinderella’s parade, huh? It’s bad enough that she has an evil stepmother and an evil stepsister and she’s riding around in an enchanted pumpkin. What’s next? Popping into Ancient China and being like, “Hey Mulan, everyone will know you’re a girl in like 2 days”? Reminding Ariel that she should probably enjoying singing now because Ursula is going to steal that pretty little voice of hers?

Still, we know Katy’s playful jab at Cinderella is all in good fun because it’s Katy Perry, so of course it is. Keep winning the Instagram game, KP.

(Image via Instagram.)

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