5 awesome things we learned about Katy Perry’s “Prismatic” tour

Katy Perry has been BUSY as HECK these past few months, crisscrossing the globe to present her Prismatic World Tour. She’s done 129 performances so far and she still has Asia and South America to do before she’s through.

When Katy Perry came to LA to perform the tour at the Ace Hotel Downtown this past Thursday, Epix shot a two hour special of the concert which premiered last night on the channel, and in the hubbub surrounding the event we learned a lot about Katy, the artist and the awesome lady. Below, some of our favorite factoids:

1.) Katy give her fans what they want (with a little remixing)

“I want to keep including all the important songs,” Perry explained to Billboard. “When I go see a show of a mega pop star or a mega musician that I love I want to hear the hits. Because I’ve made so many memories with those hits. If you’re not going to play them, just preface it before we get the ticket. I’m sure at one point in my life I’ll do something left-of-center and do that. But I want to know that I’m coming to the show and I’m going to hear the song I had my first kiss to or that me and my sister hang out to. Stuff like that. I wanted to include those. I made sure the old songs were kind of remixed a little, just changed up a little bit.”

2.) She brings a suitcase of shoes with her on tour

“I take a suitcase full,” she told Mario Lopez in a Q&A. “I’d probably say about 25 and I wear about five.” And now we all want to be pop stars.

3.) Girl keeps CRAY hours

“I really start my day about noon and end my day about 3 a.m.,” she told E! Those hours sound pretty nuts, but two seconds of math show that she’s still getting about nine hours of sleep so don’t stress too much for Katy and her bonkers schedule, she is still packing in those REMS.

4.) If given the choice between museum and a club…

“We go to the museum,” she explained to E! “I get to educate myself along the way. It’s really so fun.”

5.) Things get NUTS backstage at the concert

It’s so crazy when you see me under the stage,” Perry told Billboard.” “It all looks so calm on the surface, but underneath I’m literally holding onto a steel bar and things are being ripped off me, zipped up me. Water is being given to me to me like a boxer.”

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