This actually isn’t the first time Katy Perry has rocked a pixie haircut

Although we may be used to seeing Katy Perry in candy colored or white blonde locks, the singer has just changed her hair up, of course. This time, Katy Perry went for a pixie cut…but this isn’t the first time she’s done so. For her latest rendition of the haircut, Katy chose an asymmetrical look with her bleach blonde hair falling nonchalantly in front of her eyes. And even though we love her shoulder length hair, this just looks so good. Katy teased her new do on Instagram, and we are mesmerized.

But in case you forgot, Katy actually wore a similar hairstyle to the 2015 Met Gala. Back then, Katy was a brunette and her hair was styled shorter and shaggier. While she looks like she could be the front woman of a Blondie cover band with her current do, her Met Gala look is more old school Hollywood.


This is clearly a testament to Katy’s chameleon-like beauty, able to transform with her mood and environment to embrace whatever it is she’s feeling. And although we’re not quite sure if her blonde pixie is permanent or an act of hair magic, either way we’re about it.

But we’re also really ABOUT this new blonde hair.

Katy, this is your one true cut.

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