Katy Perry slayed at last night’s DNC, and BF Orlando Bloom dutifully recorded it all

The last three days have seen amazing things happen at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, most notably President Obama’s speech where he passed the torch to Hillary Clinton, the first woman ever to receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in U.S. history, and Clinton’s own speech where she accepted her presidential nomination while inspiring the masses.

And on the music side, things were equally epic.

Katy Perry took to the stage in a slick, shimmery, body-hugging, long-sleeved gown, and our jaws literally dropped to the floor.


Then in typical fashion, she proceeded to bring the house DOWN with performances of her smash hits, “Roar” and “Rise” (the latter of which is the actual anthem for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games).

Needless to say, both very appropriate for the occasion.


As in any good relationship, you need someone who’s there for you and supports all of your #careergoals.

That’s why, in the audience, her boyfriend Orlando Bloom dutifully recorded her every move with his iPhone. What a sweetheart!


It’s safe to say that Perry was in top-form at the DNC, singing her little heart out and being charming as ever.

She also gave a short speech beforehand, where she mentions that she didn’t finish high school and doesn’t have a formal college education, yet she has an “open mind,” and a “voice.” She urges others to show the same by voting in the upcoming election.

Perry represents everything strong that we need in our women, and we salute her—and her supportive BF—as the great couple they are.

You can watch her whole performance right here!


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