Katy Perry has her own line of onesies and we want all of them

If snuggling up in bed with a cup of cinnamon tea and gingerbread cookies doesn’t feel festive enough, Katy Perry might be able to get you in to the holiday spirit.

The pop songstress teamed up with Beloved for a line of zany holiday-themed onesies for babies, children, and adults. She made the announcement yesterday on her Instagram with a video promo featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus:

In addition to these Claus family designs, there’s a Christmas tree topped with Left Shark and pizza ornaments, gingerbread people hilariously named “Ginger Bae” and “Ginger Boo,” and a snowman with a twig arms and a chunky green scarf that looks strangely edible.

The baby designs start at $79.95, children’s at $99.95, and adults at $129.95, so make your selections wisely (maybe start a onesie piggy bank?)! Get your paws on one right here, right now.

Check out all the onesies on the Beloved website.

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[Images via Beloved]

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