Congratulations to Katy Perry, the most-followed person on Twitter

Katy Perry has had some pretty incredible career highlights. She’s had her own Super Bowl halftime show, become friends with Hillary Clinton, and even launched her own cosmetics line. However, her latest achievement might be the most important — at least in a world where social media reigns supreme.

As reported by E!, the 31-year-old pop star has now become the most followed person on Twitter. Perry, who created her account in 2009, has over 90 million followers. To acknowledge the achievement, Twitter itself shared a celebratory, emoji-filled picture and message of congratulations: false

Currently, Perry far outstrips her competition in terms of Twitter’s top most-followed users. Justin Bieber — just shy of having 84 million followers — comes in second, while Taylor Swift has 79 million and POTUS Barack Obama has 75.8. After that come YouTube’s account; then come Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and Justin Timberlake. Twitter’s own account occupies the tenth spot.

Perry shared the tweet acknowledging her domination of the site (at least, in terms of followers) with an understandable humblebrag: false

However, Perry isn’t at the top of all social media: Selena Gomez rules Instagram; in fact, she is the site’s number one user with 87 million followers (she’s the 14th most-followed Twitter user, with 43.7 million fans). Meanwhile, Perry has 51.4 million Instagram followers, ranking her at No. 17.

Perry’s Twitter is often full of support for other pop stars, including Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber. She also highlights important charities, encourages others to vote, and shows support for her LGBTQ peers and fans.

While Perry uses her Twitter as a soap box for positive social change, she’s also not afraid to show her down-to-earth side, such as when she fangirled over getting some attention from Blur Ivy Carter: false

So, despite her Super Bowl performances and Grammy noms, in a way, Katy Perry is adorably relatable — and deserving of being the most-followed person on Twitter.

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