Katy Perry’s Met Gala beauty look was a walking advertisement for Pat McGrath

For those of us delighted by avant-garde fashion and beauty, last night’s Met Gala was our Christmas morning. Those who stuck to the Comme de Garçons theme knocked it out of the park, with Katy Perry’s stunning gown and Pat McGrath makeup reigning supreme.

While for many, Perry’s Maison Margiela gown by John Galliano was the star of her ensemble, it was her Pat McGrath makeup that stole the show in the eyes of beauty lovers everywhere. It elevated her look to iconic levels of haute couture and showed the rest of us mere mortals the kind of magic that Pat McGrath creates with her legendary makeup kits.


Katy is sporting two of McGrath’s epic kits: The Dark Star 006 Eye Kit and the Lust 004 Lip Kit.

Pat McGrath seriously couldn’t find a better advertisement than this.

The bold blue glitter shadow and glitter-filled red lip complemented the entire ensemble beautifully, enhancing the drama without detracting from it — just as makeup should!


There’s something very goth queen about this look, don’t you think? We are getting major Lydia Deetz vibes in the very best way.


Without a doubt, Katy’s entire look will go down in the annals of Met Gala history. It’s already iconic and one of the most buzzed-about styles of the night. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she and her team nailed it. We were so disappointed to see that the majority of attendees didn’t respect the theme of the night, which was paying homage to such a brilliant designer. Katy was definitely a bright spot of the night.

If you’ve already gotten your hands on Pat McGrath’s eye and lip kits, you’re probably cackling with glee over the fact that you have even more inspo to work with now thanks to this divine look. For those of us who haven’t — this is yet another reason to covet them desperately!

Were you as big a fan of Katy’s look as we were? She is in the top five, no doubt. We love that she took a risk and paid homage to that ultra-imaginative CDG style.

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