Katy Perry meets Jennifer Lawrence, freaks out a little, is all of us

You’d think that if you have a gazillion platinum records under your belt that you’d be able to play it cool when confronted with the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently not: Katy Perry was introduced to the Hunger Games alum on Sunday night’s Golden Globes red carpet, and she had an adorable little freak out.

Ryan Seacrest was chatting with Perry about how she tweeted praise for Lawrence’s new film Joy, and he decided to call the actress over. J. Law and Perry hugged cordially, and then Perry started talking hair care. Bless.

“I have a bump-it in here,” she said. “Like an ‘as seen on TV’ Bump-it.”

Lawrence, naturally, pet Perry’s head to fact check. “Yes you do,” she confirmed.

Perry then totally launched into some casual fangirling about Lawrence’s new flick Joy. “I saw it alone, by myself, in Santa Barbara, in my Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats,” she said. “And I was like, I can make it in the world! You inspired me!”

It’s unclear if Perry and Lawrence met up later to talk sock buns, nor is it clear if Perry will go jet ski-ing with her and Amy Schumer in the near future. Fingers crossed. For the time being, watch their precious little moment below, and take comfort in the fact that even a mega star like Perry shares your giddiness about J. Law.


[Image via YouTube]