Katy Perry Opened Up About Her “Small and Normal” Life at Home With Daisy Dove

"Unconditional love. It’s just...everything I think I was looking for.”

Katy Perry is opening up about her self-image, journey to motherhood, and 21-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, in her summer cover story for L’Officiel. “I’ve been professionally busy since I was 13, and now I’ve really stopped to smell the roses,” she told the outlet. The singer, performer, and mom, has been go-go-go all her life—an extravagant, career-focused life that has forced her to feel “on” every second of every day, but not anymore. 

“I have gone through a real journey in the past few years of having fun with costumes and lights and props and theatrics, but I have another life at home and it’s very small and normal,” she continued. “I don’t feel like I have to be ‘on’ anymore, and I think that’s because I’ve figured out both my professional and personal lives. I’ve weaved them together to be a full-fledged functioning human…of sorts.” 

Perry’s “very small and normal” life is just like anyone else’s. She gets together with extended family for Taco Tuesdays and Pancake Sundays, where her Danish brother-in-law is in charge of whipping up Danish pancakes for the table. And there’s always jazz music playing in the background. 

Another big part of Perry’s small life at home is raising her daughter, Daisy, whom she shares with her partner, Orlando Bloom.

“I’m grateful that I didn’t try to keep continuously climbing career mountains. I was like, ‘I think that there is another mountain to climb that has as beautiful of a view, if not even more fulfilling.'” And she was right! In March 2020, Perry announced she and Bloom were expecting their first child together in the debut of her new music video for “Never Wore White.” Five months later Daisy was born.

While motherhood has changed Perry’s world for the better, people may not know how much it’s positively impacted her mental health and self-image. 

“As a performer I’ve always relied on the love and acceptance and validation of the outside world and that ultimately can waver at times,” she acknowledged. “When you have a child, you have someone who looks at you and doesn’t know anything on your resume, doesn’t know anything about your bank account, doesn’t know anything, doesn’t care, and just loves you.” 

It’s fair to say the “Firework” singer has had more than her fair share of scrutiny, criticism, and lack of privacy over the years. Finally, she’s found “everything I think I was looking for” in her baby girl and that’s unconditional love. It’s something that can’t be bought or forced, and after all this time of working, working, working, she has it.

“I’d heard about unconditional love, but now I’m really experiencing it. There’s a wholeness that has happened.”

Emily Weaver
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