The many reasons we’re PUMPED for Katy Perry’s halftime show

I don’t wanna sound like a pushover or anything, but I think this whole “Hyped for Halftime” campaign is working. The Internet is abuzz with new info on Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show — from “shop-while-you-watch” merchandise to the rumored “throwback” guest of honor, our hype-o-meter has reached its limit. So, since today is the day, were gonna go ahead and do what we’ve been doing….which is get even more hyped. Hey, we have our reasons!

1. It’s Katy Perry
You can’t not love Katy Perry. Singing chops aside, she’s absolutely hilarious. If you don’t believe me, please go on and watch her ridiculous “Birthday” caricatures right now. Whether she’s got all the bells and whistles of a halftime show or just a microphone and an acoustic guitar, you can always count on Katy Perry to put on a good show. Not to mention, she’s one of the chief females in pop music today.

2. Merch merch merch[andise]
This is the first ever “shopping enabled” Super Bowl halftime show. I know, the grandma in me is still trying to digest the high tech-ness of it all.

Put simply, Twitter, YouTube, Shazam, Roku and select TVs will all be used as platforms to pitch limited-edition products during the halftime show. According to Variety, Twitter will be utilizing their “Buy Now” feature where “accounts including @pepsi and @Visa will let users purcahse the products directly from the social service.” Even Katy Perry’s Vevo is getting in on the halftime action, with click-to-buy overlays. In other words, Katy Perry merchandise can claim world domination. . .at least temporarily.

Now, if you really want to get interactive, Shazam users can actually “Shazam” music from the halftime show to access Katy Perry products. Of course, the madness doesn’t end there — “Roku set-tops and certain Samsung and LG Electronics connected TVs will be able to use their remote controls to shop for the products during the halftime show by accessing the ShopTV app on the respective devices.” Hey, it’s Katy’s world. . .we’re just living in it.

3. The abundant lady power
In a press conference Thursday, Perry claimed that the performance was inspired by women like Madonna and Beyoncé, thus dubbing the halftime show, a “female fun night.” Hooray for bringing the lady power! But wait. . .could this whole mention of Madonna and Beyoncé be foreshadowing a surprise guest performance? What a perfect lead-in. . .

4. The surprise guest
Lenny Kravitz has already been announced as one of the guest performers, but the big “surprise guest” is still under wraps (it’s a surprise, after all). Luckily, Katy gave us JUST enough info to mull over until this afternoon. The hint? Our surprise guest will be a “throwback.” She upped the ante when she promised that “jaws will drop and faces will melt”. We hear it’s MISSY ELLIOTT, which would absolutely be the best. Work it.

5. Extravagant costumes!
When it comes to costume design, Katy is not one for subtlety. That said, her wardrobe is certainly one of the many things we’re genuinely looking forward to. During her press conference, she hinted at multiple costume changes, but didn’t specify on the exact number. All we know is that the first costume will be “flaming hot.” I’m sensing some pyrotechnics. Maybe “Firework” is the opening song? Possibly? Maybe?

6. The mysterious theme
On more than one occasion, Katy has made reference to a “wild” theme. She quipped in her Hyped for Halftime video that there would be a pegasus, fire breathing sharks and kittens, but now we’re kinda starting to believe it. When asked about how it’s going to be, she said there will be sharks, tigers and “appropriate sexiness.” I can see it already. . . a tiger would be very appropriate for “Roar”!

Regardless of what happens during today’s game, we’re rooting for you, KP!

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