Excuse us while we become obsessed with Katy Perry’s new game app

We did not think Katy Perry could possibly bring us more joy. She already fills our eardrums with ass-kicking music, our feeds with feelings, and our hearts with happiness. But wait, she has even more in her arsenal. Enter Katy Perry Pop, her new gaming app that’s bound to be our next smartphone addiction.

Oh yes, this is happening! This app is a first-class ticket into the cartoon world of Katy Perry. We don’t know much about the game itself yet, but we do know it will feature her voice, and her perfectly pixelated likeness.

If this photo she shared on Instagram yesterday is any indicator, the app will be chock-full our KP faves: cats, candy and crazy costumes. Oh and at least one shark.

Perry revealed that she’s been working on the game for over a year, and that it’s intended to help “guide your musical dreams.” The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but according to MTV News, it will be available on Apple and Android devices.

Prepare yourself to get to know Katy on a whole new level. Join her in Katy Perry Pop, where the skies are filled with cotton candy clouds, the gumballs smile and the wallpaper is made of rainbows.

(Featured image via Instagram)


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